Slovene fusion group Moonlight Sky is composed of four exceptional musicians, Miha Petric, Janez Moder, Žiga Kožar and Jan Sever who are also composers and arrangers. Their different musical genres originate mostly from jazz, rock, world music and blues, but are also inspired by the music from the Balkan peninsula.

In autumn 2016 they released their fourth album THE FOUR. Their music is composed by all members of the group and the album features 8 instrumental authorial pieces. They combine the freedom of jazz with lively energy and are connected by the group's love for more complex rhythmic and melodic elements. The material presented is mostly complex in nature, the compositions are written in jazz-rock style. The album garnered excellent reviews from the Slovenian as well as foreign critics.

In December 2018, the Moonlight Sky performed at the Club of prestigious Cankarjev dom hall in Ljubljana. Among the major successes are their promotional concert at the release of their fourth album The Four at the SiTi Theater in November 2016, a concert at Slovenian National Theatre Drama in Ljubljana in 2015 and a series of performances in Austria in 2018. In 2015 they performed as the only Slovenian fusion band at the Ljubljana Opera.


Moonlight Sky have been impressing the music scene with genre-diverse music since year 2000. They recorded four albums and performed at many concerts of important festivals at home and abroad. The first Album, called Moonlight Sky was recorded in 20XX. Couple years later they decided to record the second album, called I am. Changing Parameters, their third album, saw the light of the day in 2012 which was followed by album The four, recorded in 2016.

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Moonlight Sky | Album The Four | Microcosm [teaser]

Moonlight Sky | Album The Four | Nearest to Inexpressible [teaser]

Moonlight Sky | Album The Four | Tour de Vir [teaser]


Moonlight Sky | Album Changing Parameters | In the Center [teaser]

Moonlight Sky | Album Changing Parameters | People [teaser]

Moonlight Sky | Album Changing Parameters | Seven Gringos [teaser]

Moonlight Skz Band | Album I am, CD 2Moonlight Skz Band | Album I am, CD 2

Moonlight Sky | Album I am | Chautauqua [teaser]

Moonlight Sky | Album I am | I Am Blues [teaser]

Moonlight Sky | Album I am | King Of The Golden Ring [teaser]

Moonlight Sky Band, Album Moonlight SkyMoonlight Sky Band, Album Moonlight Sky

Moonlight Sky | Album Moonlight Sky | Devet osem [teaser]

Moonlight Sky | Album Moonlight Sky | Riggs Family Shot [teaser]

Moonlight Sky | Album Moonlight Sky | The Groove [teaser]


DEC, 2022: We are preparing ourselves for the summer tour to present our 5th album. You can follow us on social media for details.

NOV, 2022: The 5th album is currently being recorded. We announced another concert in 2023 which will take place in Cukrarna Bar in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

JAN, 2022: Release of the 5th album is currently planned and it will be announced in 2022, followed by a concert. You will be informed about the further events on this website and on our social media.

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