The Four is a very impressive album and should appeal to those who enjoy fusion, liberally flavoured by contemporary jazz. This is a release that has no qualms about displaying its jazz roots and influences, in the delightful arrangements that so crisply illuminate the players' prowess and mastery over their respective instruments.

It is an imposing and rewarding album. Its compositions are complex and the arrangements are striking. The players perform the pieces with an abundance of warm-hearted feeling and are able to convey the band's creative vision with consummate technical expertise.

Jernej Butara, RADIO STUDENT

There are many reasons why they say Moonlight Sky music is the best live, one of which is that it makes music easier to get closer to the audience.

Great musicians know how to warm up every audience with their energy, but the new material will be interesting to hear even when they stop in Prulček again and prepare a really relaxed game.

Izak Košir, SIGIC

The fourth plate finds its way into the listener through the ear, but then sails along the fast train in the head. The music is orchestral and driven by an emotional charge, which shatters the prejudice that fusion or progressive rock must be mathematical, disharmonious, and of interest only to those who create similar music, or, worse, only the performers themselves. You’ve probably already heard a comparison of a solo point with masturbation, right? There is no fear of such remarks here: Moonlight Sky is emotional if it plays fast, very fast, slow, or very slow. Everything somehow falls into place. Everything gets a sound sense, a certain logic, even though the band is very unpredictable and likes to surprise and introduce such and other inserts in the middle of the songs, it changes the tempo and raises and lowers the volume. The Moonlight Sky music on The Four is, in a word, powerful.

Zdenko Matoz, DELO

There is no doubt that guitarist Miha Petric, bassist Janez Moder, drummer Žiga Kožar and keyboardist Jan Sever are excellent instrumentalists and at the same time strong authors and exceptional live performers. They showed this again last night at the SiTi Theater in Ljubljana, when they presented their fourth album The Four.



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